Dearest you dears

In the May 2008 Issue
“Crimes of the Heart”
New York
Pulitzer Prize winning play by Beth Henley. About three sisters, two of whom rally around the third because she’s been arrested for shooting her husband. It was no accident. Truths are told, secrets revealed and the sisters bond. Jennifer Dundas, Sarah Paulson and Lily Rabe are the sisters. Kathleen Turner directed. (don’t give up your real job, girl).

“The December Man”
By Colleen Murphy. A young man and his family to cope with the massacre of 14 women in Montreal. The son was there but could not help. He has been haunted by that ever since. A searing play by Murphy who has put grief and how people cope under a compassionate microscope. Micheline Chevrier directs a fine cast.

“Dead Man’s Cell Phone”
Sarah Ruhl’s latest quirky play. A man dies in a restaurant. His cell phone rings. Another customer in the restaurant answers it and begins a series of conversations with the people in the dead man’s life. How can such a gifted playwright write such a dumb play?

New York
By William Shakespeare of course. The buzzzzz on this one was deafening. It transferred from the Chichester Festival to BAM and is now on Broadway. Direct Rupert Goold was credited with the most astonishing interpretation. Feh. Tricks. Fascinating finding the holes in the production. Patrick Stewart beams his way into Macbeth and Kate Fleetwood does a grand job as Lady M.

“The Seafarer ”
New York
Written and directed by Conor McPherson. A boozy night in Ireland at Christmas eve. These men are losers who have done harm to themselves and to others and they are sorry. Into their little midst comes a stranger who is prepared to play a game of cards in order to win the soul of one of these sinners. The stranger is the Devil. And he’s not forgiving. Fabulous play.