What people are saying...

“I love The Slotkin Letter. Why? I love the breezy and informal style that reveals an informed, enlightened,  loving, detailed performance report, analysis and opinion. This is the best sort of theatre criticism: highly descriptive and highly subjective with no ax grinding. I am ashamed to admit that I adore the “Other Stuff” column almost as much as the reviews. I wish I could go to those dinners in non touristy London restaurants with lots of actors and theatre friends.”
André Bishop, Artistic Director, Lincoln Center Theater, New York

“For me, reading The Slotkin Letter is like taking part in a love affair with the theatre.”
Marian Seldes, actress

“Lynn Slotkin’s letters have kept the theatre alive for me. Her voice and her eye are highly
focused and no detail escapes unrecorded. Her love of the stage and of actors, directors and designers is infectious. She has made me feel I, too, know their work through her thoughtful
reports…I have been given a front row seat through her invaluable and imaginative accounts.”
Jane Alexander, actress

“…the most entertaining and knowledgeable theatrical criticism I have ever read. However
the thing that sets Lynn’s insights apart from people who write about the theatre today is the
fact that she loves it. Here is a woman writing about the theatre who loves the theatre. My
golly. It leaps off the page, even when she’s at her most incensed. She LOVES the theatre.
How refreshing; how stimulating. How valuable. How rare.”
Martha Henry, actress, director

“Lynn Slotkin sees more theatre than anyone I know, and sees it with a passion that seems to
grow rather than diminish with the passage of time. The Slotkin Letter opens my eyes to what
is current in the English-speaking theatre world. I feel as if I’m in the theatre as I read Lynn’s
accounts of performances. She writes with intelligence, real love for the theatre, enormous
knowledge and experience, and an extraordinary and wonderful idiosyncrasy that is all her
own. Perhaps best of all , I see more theatre because of her. Thank you Lynn.”
Marti Maraden, actress, director

“Thank you Lynn for keeping us informed and inspired… The information is invaluable. The
expression of it is a delight.”
Martha Burns, actress

“The easiest and most amusing way of keeping up with what is going on in theatre in the
Western World.”
Dame Eileen Atkins, actress

“The Slotkin Letter is more packed with information than ever and has become my primary
reference tool for current theatre… The Slotkin Letter is one of a kind: nowhere else can one
read such detailed, in-depth analysis of theatre productions in New York, London, Toronto
and other places.”
Tandy Cronyn, actress

“The Slotkin Letter gives me the most comprehensive information with respect to contemporary theatre that I can find anywhere! It responds… to productions not only within North
America but Europe as well, and it is a constant companion in my research along with the
British publication of the Theatre Record. Lynn has an extraordinary love of contemporary
theatre and her comments are always enlightening, honest, insightful, frank and thoroughly
researched. I highly respect her taste and her keen eye. Rarely does one witness a critic who
possesses such genuine joy in celebrating and debating the world of theatre.”
Don Shipley, director

“Great! This publication is a must for every theatre fan and is indispensable for the working actor.”
Brenda Robins, actress, & Patrick Galligan, actor

“Your reports of plays on the international scene provide an invaluable resource. You help keep my ‘plays to read’ list lengthy and ultimately enriching.”
Susan Ferley, Artistic Director, The Grand Theatre, London, Ontario

“Great for many small companies! You’re our eyes and ears… You’ve made my job a lot easier.”
Bryna Wasserman, Artistic Director, Saidye Bronfman Centre, Montreal, Quebec

“You are doing an exceptional job of writing enlightened, informed and entertaining reviews. I look forward to every Slotkin Letter.”
Pat Quigley, Education Manager, The Stratford Festival, Stratford, Ontario

“Great. The Letter makes me feel I am sort of keeping up, makes me think, whether I agree or
Diana Leblanc, actress, director

“You continue to hit the nail quite precisely ‘on the head’.”
Phillip Silver, Former Dean, Faculty of Fine Arts, York University