Radio Reviews coming up: the sankofa trilogy, and THE WIZARD OF OZ, on CIUT, 89.5 FM

by Lynn on December 1, 2011

in The Passionate Playgoer

I’ll be reviewing blood claat and benu, part of the sankofa trilogy at Tarragon Theatre, and THE WIZARD OF OZ produced by Ross Petty Productions, in which he fractures fairy tales for the coming holiday. The reviews will be on the show with no name as yet, on Friday, Dec. 2, on CIUT, 89.5 FM from 9 am -10 am.

The host, Damon Scheffer will be interviewing Kelly Thornton, Artistic Director of Nightwood Theatre, and Jordi Mand, a playwright whose play: BETWEEN THE SHEETS is one of the plays in this year’s GROUNDSWELL FESTIVAL. There will be a special ticket offer during the show.

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