Mini Reviews from London–Long Day’s Journey Into Night

by Lynn on June 25, 2012

in The Passionate Playgoer

At the Apollo Theatre. Written by Eugene O’Neill. Directed by Anthony Page. Starring David Suchet, Laurie Metcalf, Trevor White and Kyle Soller with Rosi Sansom.

This is the angriest Tyrone family I have ever seen in all the productions of Long Day’s Journey Into Night that I’ve seen. James of course has a chip on his shoulder after a life of disappointment when he gave up his quest to be a great actor in favour of being a rich one. Suchet playes his as both a loving, tactile husband, and one who rails when he thinks he’s been mocked by his sons.

Laurie Metcalf as Mary is intriguing because she controls the production. When Mary is on her drugs she rambles in a stream of consciousness way, but with an edge.

The sons are terrific. It’s directed by Anthony Page with lots of delicate detail.

A different way to do the play and interesting. It does not beat Diana Leblanc’s production at Stratford years ago, but it had interesting things to say.

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