Sneak Preview Review: WEATHER THE WEATHER

by Lynn on December 12, 2013

in The Passionate Playgoer

Sneak preview for WEATHER THE WEATHER (Or how we make it home together)

At the Everygreen Brick Works. Written by Haley McGee. Directed by Jennifer Brewin. Designed by Catherine Hahn. Lighting by Glenn Davidson. Music by John Millard. Starring: Kawa Ada, Lisa Karen Cox, Colin Doyle, Amy Lee, Courtenay Stevens.

Produced by Theatre Columbus. Plays out doors until December 30.

What is home? Is it where we live? Where we wander to and land? Is it in the mind? These are some of the questions playwright Haley McGee is exploring in this enchanting, beautifully executed production. It is based on a Swedish folk tale in which a brother and sister are displaced from their home by a terrible storm. In the process the brother is hit by lightening and is illuminated with crackling regularity. Initially they try and find their way home—the sister has a map and a compass. But after a while the brother is just weary and wants to stay there and make a new home.  They part, angrily, each going his/her separate ways, meeting all manner of adventure and mishap, including a troll who craves light and has a more than passing acquaintance with Yiddish.

Jennifer Brewin has directed this with dazzling imagination, gentle wit and humour. You follow a woman who lights the way with glowing lampshade. Everything about this production will make you smile. The show lasts an hour. It is done outdoors so dress warmly.

Full review on CIUT FRIDAY MORNING, 89.5 FM on Friday, Dec. 13. from 9 am to 10 am.

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1 maja ardal December 12, 2013 at 7:47 am

I heartily agree with your review of Weather the Weather, Lynn! Despite the bone-cracking cold, the beauty-heart mind and senses-that emanates from this production is a GIFT!


2 Ed December 13, 2013 at 11:42 am

I saw a preview performance of “Weather the Weather”.

Having seen Theatre Columbus’ “The Story” at the Brickworks in 2012, I was really looking forward to seeing “Weather the Weather”. This production does not even come close to the quality of “The Story” in any respect (plot, dialogue, staging etc.).

I found this play to be very thin and more annoying than entertaining.