sneak preview review: FORGIVENESS

by Lynn on February 20, 2014

in The Passionate Playgoer

Forgiveness a theatrical poem

At the Black Box Theatre (at the Great Hall, 1087 Queen St. W.) . Written by Peter Farbridge, Suheil Parsa, Barbara Simonsen. Directed by Soheil Parsa. Choreographed by Don*Gnu with assistance from Dreamwalker Dance. Set by Lindsay Anne Black. Costumes by Angela Thomas. Sound by Thomas Ryder Payne. Lighting by Michelle Ramsay. Starring: Peter Farbridge, Stavroula Logothettis, Andrea Nann, Jannik Elkaer Nielsen, Kristoffer Louis Andrup Pedersen,

Produced by Modern Times Stage Company. Plays until March 1.

Forgiveness in various guises is the latest theme that director-writer Soheil Parsa explores in Forgiveness, a bracing, compelling, beautifully realized production. He and his gifted company explore forgiveness from a humourous point of view when an irresponsible man is late for a date and makes light of it, to a more sobering point of view, in times of war or political upheaval, when deciding to forgive or not carries a huge weight.

As with all Parsa productions, the theme is investigate with sensitivity and produced with a clear-eyed spareness, muscularity, elegant dance ad an in-your-face directness. It is startling not only for what is included, but also for what is not. Terrific.

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