by Lynn on June 21, 2014

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Andrew and Alice

I was at the National Theatre in London, at a performance of Emil and the Detectives, a wonderful kids’ show that was perfect for adults too. I sat next to a lovely couple. His name was Andrew and hers was Alice. Alice was to my right. Andrew was to her right.

During intermission this is the conversation:

Andrew (to his Alice): “When we get married we’ll honeymoon in Venice.” (I thought that was rather sweet).

Alice: How long is a honeymoon?”
Andrew (turning to the woman to his right): “How long is a honeymoon?”
The woman: “About two weeks.”
Andrew (turning to his left to his Alice): “About two weeks. (pause) “We’ll live in Pasadena. They have a football match called the Rose Bowl.”

(Andrew was not American. He was British. Where did he come to know about Pasadena and the football pageant known as the Rose Bowl? His Alice accepted this information too.)

Andrew: “I want to get married when I’m 24. I’m nine now and so that means we’ll get married in 15 years.” Silence from Alice.

Then the second act began and I was left hanging, wondering what other plans Andrew had for his Alice.

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