Other Stuff: All the News that Fits, We’ll Print

by Lynn on July 5, 2014

in The Passionate Playgoer

I’m being a bit smarmy with that headline above. A play on the New York Times’ motto of “All The News That’s Fit To Print. From the various newspapers here in London but mostly from the “Evening Standard.”

It’s been a full week. First Dolly Parton was on the front page of every newspaper when she was singing at Glastonbury. It rained and everybody was muddy, except Dolly, who was beaming and a hit.

The next day was Rolf Harris’ turn to have his face splashed on the front pages of every newspaper. He is the Australian entertainer of many years ago, found guilty of several counts of sexual abuse to minors, one being the girlfriend of his daughter. He got about five years; showed no remorse and grimaced at the judge’s disgust. He should bet out of prison in less than the jail term, if his prison mates don’t kill him first.
People here are still smarting over the sexual abuse of young girls years ago by Jimmy Savile who had a kid’s show. He took advantage of little girls for years; his employers knew and did nothing. He died of old age before being charged.

A singer here, named Cassie Graves, has a grave (sorry) disease, trimethylaminuria, also known as ‘fish odour syndrome.” Yes folks, Cassie smells of fish, all the time. Chemicals build up in system before they can be released in the usual way, sweat, urine, breath, and so she smells of fish. There doesn’t seem to be a cure. But perhaps diet might help…she can’t eat such triggering foods as meat, fish (ha) and dark green leafy veggies. What else is there!!!!

Chris Martin of Coldplay says that writing the band’s new album helped him go through a difficult time. The “Evening Standard” hints that his split from Gwyneth Paltrow was the reason for his difficult time. I bet being able to eat a Big Mac, large fries and a chocolate shake also helped too, since Ms Paltrow thinks that stuff is poison and doesn’t allow it.

Two ladies found out that they were being two-timed by the same guy. So the two ladies had a banner made that said “Steve Frazer you’re dumped by both of your girlfriends” and had it hung over a bridge on the A1, a highway he travels.

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