by Lynn on July 28, 2015

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The Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide to Capitalism and Socialism with a Key to the Scriptures.

At the Shaw Festival

Written by Tony Kushner
Directed by Eda Holmes
Designed by Peter Hartwell
Lighting by Kevin Lamotte
Original music by Paul Sportelli
Starring: Diana Donnelly
Kelli Fox
Tom Marriott
Jim Mezon
Gray Powell
Fiona Reid
Ben Sanders
Andre Sills
Steven Sutcliffe

A family in distress. The father wants to kill himself because he thinks he’s got Alzheimer’s Disease. He wants to sell his house and help his three children. They rally around; argue on what to do; blame, accuse and love each other. And the politics. The father is a retired longshoreman who could have been a professor of classics or political science. He is a communist who believes in the power of revolution. His children grew up learning about this stuff and can argue a point as fiercely as their father.

The play is epic in size, an opera, a complex symphony. Emotions are high. The air is electric with dazzling thoughts expressed with commitment, intensity and passion. Director Eda Holmes directs this with such a sure hand, with such attention to the intricate details that clarity shines through, no matter how complex the thought.

The cast is powerful beginning with the raging Jim Mezon. Steven Sutcliffe, Kelli Fox, Gray Powell and Fiona Reid do blazing work. The production will leave you breathless and elated.


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