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by Lynn on May 21, 2016

in The Passionate Playgoer

This is the final weekend of the Wee Festival, an international festival of theatre for young audiences ranging in ages from 0 to 5 years old. Anybody who makes theatre should have seen the shows of this festival to see where their future audiences are.

It was a stunning education to see how subtley and sensitively these theatre artists created theatre for their young audiences. For the most part they were attuned to what intrigued and attracted them. Their respect for their young audiences was astonishing.


At the Tarragon Theatre Extra Space

2 + years old.

Two stories about the wonder of nature and the power of the north. Because this show was the first one in English for the narrator she read the story haltingly unfortunately. A few puppets were used to tell the first story. The second story about the north was told using finger puppets, rocks in various formations and sound effects.

The first story was unfortunate because the story teller was not comfortable in English. As such it should have been cut. Some of the effects of the second story were interesting—the building of structures using stones in various configurations and the miraculous creation of a tree from twigs that were suspended in air—but the story went on too long and could do with tightening.

Le Chemin qui Marche, Quebec

Closed: Sat. May 21, 2016


Table Top Tales

At the Theatre Centre Gallery, 1115 Queen St. W.

3+ years old.
After the performers tell one of their family stories, the audience is invited to tell something of their family history. The inventive company of two actors and one lively keyboardist then recreates the story using puppets made of the most common place household items, such as a cloth bag, sunglasses, sponges, a mini-brush, mini-plastic containers and a Polaroid camera. Totally charming and fun.

SNAFU & The Snack Music Collective, Canada

Plays until Monday, May 23, 2016.



At the Theatre Centre, 1115 Queen St. W.

0-24 months


Babies and their parents are led into an inviting, warm, colourful cocoon-like enclosure where they sit on cushions on the floor. Three musicians (two violinists, a cellist) and a ‘cat’ create a world of wonder and discovery in music, movement and wordless storytelling. The ‘cat’ floats ribbons, socks, feathers, soft scarves and all manner of props over the heads of the infants and wee children sometimes just skimming them for a subtle touch. Often the infant would crawl into the action or sit transfixed. Either way, this is theatre that is revelatory for the adult observer and totally engaging for the infants.

Starcatchers from Scotland know how kids work and what will capture their attention; what is appropriate for what age group; and how to captivate their audience, both tall and small. The musicians are superb as is the agile, smiling, impish ‘cat.’


Starcatchers, Scotland.

Plays until Sunday, May 22, 2016.

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