Two Reviews from the WEE FESTIVAL: OGO and BAKING TIME

by Lynn on May 13, 2018

in The Passionate Playgoer

The Wee Festival, Toronto, Ont.

The wonderful Wee Festival for very young audiences (and their parents/guardians etc.) has opened this weekend with plays from Quebec,  South Africa, British Columbia, the U.K, France, Germany and Toronto participating.

The festival plays at various venues across the city until May 21.

So far I’ve seen:



From Le Théâtre des Petites Ames (Quebec)

For children 2.5 – 5 years old.

Plays at Théâtre français de Toronto-Studio 21 (21 College St. 6th Floor)

Three strangers have received an invitation from OGO to wait for him at a designated place and he will come and take them away on an adventure. So Olive, Gregoire and Oscar arrive, and wait, and wait, and ditto. They introduce themselves. They make music together; see strange creatures and become friends as they wait.

It’s a beautifully charming, sweet, inventive show that will get the wee kids talking out, offering advice and while not quite yelling out, “HE’S BEHIND YOU!!!” it’s pretty close.

The run is short with the last performances:

Sunday, May 13, at 11 am and 2 pm. (this 2 pm performance is in French and Mother’s Day afternoon Tea will be served after the performance)


Baking Time

From Presentation House and Oily Cart Theatre (British Columbia/UK

 For children 3 years and up.

Plays at the Alumnae Theatre.

Bakers Bun and Bap are making buns and biscuits. They knead dough, toss flour create a dough boat which is passed around the audience as if there is a storm, complete with thunder and get into all sorts of trouble. The show is 55 minutes long because they actually bake buns for the audience and it takes time. The company with two musicians are inventive and engaging, and the buns are yum.

Plays Sunday (May 13) at 2:00 and Mother’s Day Tea will be served after the performance.

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