A Shameless Plea to Become a Member of CIUT fm

by Lynn on May 6, 2019

in The Passionate Playgoer

We need your help to safeguard our radio station, CIUT fm.

Time for the spring shameless plea to become a member of CIUT fm 89.5.

But with a difference.

Membership Drive Goal: $100,000

This membership drive is one of the most crucial fundraising drives in our history. CIUT-FM needs you to make a financial donation to help insure that Toronto’s only campus and community radio station on the FM dial remains financially sound. We want to continue to bring you the innovative, fresh and unique music and spoken word programming you have become accustomed to hearing each and every day.


Please donate today. Say Yes to Campus and Community Radio. Say Yes to CIUT-FM

Anyone who makes a financial donation between April 6th and May 31st will be eligible for the grand prize draw of a one week stay in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Includes return airfare and hotel accommodation.

There are rumblings that the provincial government will ask students to decide where their student fees should be spent and where to withhold. Ontario campus newspapers and radio stations are possible targets for this withholding. The amount of a student’s fees that goes to help pay for newspapers and radio stations is less than $5.00 a year. That’s less than a latte.

 I love doing reviews, interviews and commentary on CIUT FRIDAY MORNING, 89.5 fm but if there is a cut in our budget I fear for its survival. We are all volunteers. We do it because we love it and think radio gives voice to people’s concerns.

Please make your voice heard. Please donate to become a member of CIUT fm. Please refer to CIUT FRIDAY MORNING 89.5 fm when you donate.

 Donate on line at: https://secure.e2rm.com/registrant/donate.aspx?eventid=282862


Thanks so much.

Lynn Slotkin.

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