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by Lynn on June 10, 2020

in The Passionate Playgoer

What’s on line and on the phone for those in Isolation.

Old Vic’s YouTube channel

A Monster Calls

Based on the novel by Patrick Ness, devised by the company.

Directed by Sally Cookson.

About a boy coming to terms with his mother’s illness. He is both haunted and helped by the spirit of the Yew Tree in his yard.

Sally Cookson is a brilliant director and this production shows why. On only until June 11.  

Luminato, the festival that puts a spotlight on Toronto will have a three day virtual festival from June 11-13. The roster of events covers music, theatre, film, conversation and much more. Some events are workshops that will result in a finished production in a year or two. Other events have played the festival before. Always worth a look


 Ministry of Mundane Mysteries: Summer Passport

The wonderful Outside the March company specializes in site-specific theatre. During this pandemic they are ramping it up by engaging its audience in one on one phone conversations that try and solve a mundane mystery—mine was the mystery of the missing beloved sock. You propose a mundane mystery and they will fashion a scenario that develops over the six days of phone calls you receive at a certain time each day. Wonderful. They are creating new shows over the summer.


We might not be able to go to the theatre in person, but these companies are taking up the slack and providing interesting alternatives.

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