REVISED: Heads up for the week of Jan. 18-24, to reflect the addition of Stratford Festival treats.

by Lynn on January 18, 2021

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Heads up for the week of Nov. 18-24, 2021.

Monday, Jan. 18, 2021 at 7:00 pm

On Line

Talk is Free Theatre’s series, In Good Company continues with “From the Booth”

Stories from stage managers of the goings on backstage while they try to establish order for a smooth performance. Of all the jobs in the theatre the Stage Manager is the second most mysterious and confusing. This conversation will solve the confusion, I have no doubt. 

(The first most mysterious job of course is the Theatre Critic….I must confess I don’t think many people have a clue what that job involves, but I digress.)

 New Talk Show starts on Monday!

Continuing: From the National Arts Centre on-line.

Grand Acts of Theatre

From across the country, some of our best companies offer short videos of their work.

For example, Outside the March offers: Something Bubbled, Something Blue.



Thurs. Jan. 21, 2021 7:00 pm

Streaming From the Stratford Festival

The Merry Wives of Windsor

Also coming up from Jan. 28 on  are Undiscovered Sonnets that will be given the Rebecca Northan treatment along with her band of brilliant improvisors and also Up Close and Musical a series of concerts with Stratford stalwarts directed by Richard Ouzounian.

Friday, Jan. 22, 2021. 7:30 pm

A Streamed Reading of: 

Friday, January 22 @ 7:30 PM EST
By: Lloyd Suh

A Studio 180 Theatre partnership with Fu-Gen Theatre

“Inspired by the true story of Afong Moy, THE CHINESE LADY is a dark, poetic, yet whimsical portrait of America through the eyes of a young Chinese woman in 1834.”
Warning: Audience complicity may also be on display.

To register for this digital presentation, click here.

There will be a post-show talk back with playwright Lloyd Suh and fu-GEN’s Artistic Director David Yee directly following the digital presentation – don’t miss it!

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