Quote and What’s Up for the week of Nov. 15-21, 2021.

by Lynn on November 15, 2021

in The Passionate Playgoer

Quote for the week: “Don’t pick a fight with a woman over 40! They are full of rage. And sick of everybody’s shit.”

Monday, November 15—Sunday, November 21, 2021.


Monday, November 15, 1-2pm ET


Written by Breton Lalama
Directed by Sedina Fiati
Starring Xavier Lopez, Allister MacDonald, Natasha Negovanlis and Neta J Rose 
Stage directions read by Gus Monet
Captioning available

“Good morning. You have 201 days til the end of the world. Have a nice day.” The world is ending, and the countdown is on. But hasn’t your world already ended? Everyday, a million times?

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Monday, November 15, 3-4pm ET

Pitching Your Play Workshop
This event will have captioning and ASL Interpretation available

Learn how to create an impactful pitch package for your play. Join Write From The Hip Program Director Donna-Michelle St. Bernard and 2020 WFTH playwright Shelley M. Hobbs for this active work session offering some prompts and structure for sharing your work with producers, presenters and beyond.

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Tuesday, November 16, 1-2pm ET

Messy: a Chaotic Black Femme Rage Musical

Written by Kitoko Mai
Directed by Sedina Fiati
Starring Alia Ettienne, Maryan Haye and Djennie Laguerre
Stage directions read by Jahnelle Jones
Captioning available

Messy: a Chaotic Black Femme Rage Musical is a musical, a play, a scavenger hunt, a concert, and a group therapy session playing with ideas of mental health, lineage, queerness, and public persona. As the piece continues to develop, Kitoko is asking questions about form and content, playing with social media to interrogate the role of the audience and further blur the lines between fiction and reality, character and autobiography.

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Wednesday, November 17, 1-2pm ET


Written by Anahita Dehbonehie
Directed by Marie Farsi
Starring Frank Cox-O’Connell, Qasim Khan, Ahmed Moneka, Tahirih Vejdani and Bahareh Yaraghi
Stage directions read by Rahaf Fasheh
Captioning available

Soraya takes place over the course of a winter evening at the home of a Canadian history professor, Neil and his half-Persian wife Tara.  A surprise guest shows up just before a small gathering to celebrate his promotion. Over the course of the evening the tensions between the different cultures build until they can’t anymore, and each of the five characters is forced to grapple with the question: who do we save and why?

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Tuesday, Nov. 16-20 at 8:00 pm

Un Poyo Rojo

5 Points Theatre, Talk is Free Theatre,

Barrie, Ont.

Jealousy, rivalry and desire erupt between two men in a gym locker room, which becomes an arena that pits masculine identity against spiritual potential.

Argentina’s Un Poyo Rojo has toured and performed to sold-out audiences internationally for over 10 years with their provocative crossover between acrobatics, dance and humour. Un Poyo Rojo takes body language to new heights and explores the limits of modern language that invites the audience into a new world of possibilities.

This production is wonderful.


Wednesday, Nov. 17—27, 2021, 7:00 pm


From Native Earth.

On Line

27Native Earth invites you to   Weesageechak Begins to Dance 34
  Our annual development festival celebrating new Indigenous works from 
November 17 – 27, 2021!     Weesageechak Begins to Dance is back! The 34th festival will once again be presented virtually, and feature multiple artists exploring land-based creation processes. Join us for a hysterical night of the IndigE-Girl Comedy FEest, immersive dance films, and the culmination of the Animikiig Creators’ work in their final year. Many of these pieces will be produced nationally next year, so don’t miss your special preview(s) now!     Join to celebrate #Weesageechak34.
See below for the full schedule line-up of our talented creators!

Live Presentation Events: 
Each night’s live presentation will stream at 7:00 PM EST. They will be available on their premiere date until December 4, 2021, at 11:50 PM EST. 

Register for access to all eight presentation nights. Once you have signed up, you will receive the direct link to the night’s presentation, allowing you to watch it live and converse with fellow audience members in the live chat window. Or, save the link to enjoy the performances throughout the festival. 

Festival presentations will not have captions on their premiere dates as they are broadcasting live. However, our team will do our best to have the captions within the next two days.
  I will be attending, take me to register

Thursday, Nov. 18—28, 2021. 7:30 pm.

Cast Iron

By Lisa Codrington

Audio drama from Factory Theatre.

From the sun drenched cane fields of Barbados to the sub-zero temperatures of Winnipeg, Cast Iron follows Libya Atwell, a Bajan immigrant, as she wields acerbic wit and humour in an attempt to appease the ghosts of her past. Alone in her Winnipeg nursing home, Libya receives an unexpected visitor from Barbados. Past repression resurfaces, until the tragedy that shaped her life spills from her soul.


Saturday, Nov. 19-27, 2021. 8:00 pm

No Change in the Weather

Mirvish Productions


No Change in the Weather – A Newfoundland Musical

Peggy O’Brien has died. Her family and friends sneak her corpse out of the funeral home (and tanning salon) and back across the water to her family home, on the unsettled island of God’s Back Pocket. As this brood of body snatchers wake Peggy into the light a wandering American and a newly stationed RCMP Constable from Quebec find themselves in the middle of a family racket that exposes decades of pettiness, secrets, and enough familial bad blood to ruin every Christmas for eternity. Estranged brothers, a child of unknown parentage, and a slide show of Newfoundland and Labrador’s most farcical political blunder, Churchill Falls, collide with the supernatural in this outlandish east coast musical that is sure to have you tapping your toes, and shaking your bewildered head.


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