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Live and in person at Theatre Orangeville, Orangeville, Ont. until May 15, 2022.

LiveStream on May 7th at 2pm. Pre-Order NOW ⬇ 

Created and performed by Leisa Way

The Wayward Wind Band:

Tyler Check

Adam Koopmans

Bruce Ley

Bobby Prochaska

Don Reid

Starring Leisa Way and the Wayward Wind Band.

The name, “Wayward Wind Band” does not mean that there are a lot of players of wind instruments meandering around the stage, although this band is so agile, instrumentally, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if these folks can play the piccolo, clarinet, flute, saxophone and penny whistle.

Nope, it generally means capricious, erratic and unpredictable. “Unpredictable” would be the best definition for the group because they and their lead singer, Leisa Way take the audience to places, they might not have expected.

Not to worry, Rock n Roll Is Here To Stay is a raucous, joyous homage to Rock n Roll through the ages with historical tidbits, observations, many little known facts and lots and lots of songs that show the progression and development of Rock n Roll from its early days.

We are told that Rock n Roll probably began in the 1930s emanating from jazz. From there it developed its own music and those who developed it. The great Chuck Berry burst on the scene with “Johnny Be Good” who lead the way for Little Richard and “Tutti Fruiti”, that lead to Elvis and his swivel hips on the Ed Sullivan Show. Ike and Tina Turner sang of “Proud Mary” before Tina left the abusive Ike and went blazing on her own. Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones are cited of course. Stevie Nicks sang “Rhiannon”, Grace Slick sang whatever she wanted and did it with commanding style. Canada’s own Bachman-Turner-Overdrive was represented with “Born to be Wild.”

Leisa Way has created a packed, comprehensive show that illustrates the shifts and changes of Rock n Roll. She represents every major female mover in Rock n Roll wearing a new costume and wig to represent the person the time and the fashion. And she sings wonderfully and adds charm.

The Wayward Wind Band plays the music with gusto, often enacting the movements of the original singer of the song, hips swiveled, musicians jumped in the air and almost did the splits when they landed, there was virtuosic guitar work and mighty drum work. The three women sitting in front of me knew all the songs, bopped in their seats and raised their arms in the air in time to every song.  

Rock n Roll Is Here To Stay is a dandy way of ending a packed theatre season at Theatre Orangeville and to ease people back into the theatre, if they have been reluctant to go before this.

Theatre Orangeville presents:

Plays until: May 15, 2022.

Live stream is available May 7 at 2:00 pm.

Running Time: about 2 hours with one intermission.

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1 Jutta Bibby May 2, 2022 at 11:17 am

I thought this was horrible. Left at intermission. Felt like I was seeing a bar band at best! Female has a horrible voice.