Shameless Plea time again

by Lynn on May 13, 2022

in The Passionate Playgoer

Hi Folks,, 89.5fm is the community radio station for which I do reviews for the radio show, CRITICS CIRCLE (Saturday morning at 9 am to 10 am) (Formerly CIUT FRIDAY MORNING) We are all volunteers because we believe in the value and worth of such an enterprise. “The Media” in Toronto has been decimated. We used to have four daily newspapers that reviewed the arts, especially theatre. We now have only 1. Our National Broadcaster stopped reviewing theatre, dance and music, 11 years ago. Other outlets have slowly disappeared. and certainly CRITICS CIRCLE takes up the slack. I have been reviewing theatre all across the city and the province because it’s important to me. This is’s 35 anniversary providing radio that is the voice of the city. Twice a year we have a fund raising drive. We urge you to donate to continue the work of the station. The fund raising ‘week’ will end May 15, but you actually have until the end of the month to donate. Please mention CRITICS CIRCLE when you donate. Go to and hit the donate button.


Lynn Slotkin

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