Heads Up Sept. 17-18, Barrie, Ont.

by Lynn on September 17, 2022

in The Passionate Playgoer

Heads up for Sept. 17-18, 2022.

Talk is Free Theatre, Barrie, Ont.

In their never-ending efforts to raise the artistic bar, Talk Is Free Theatre’s CEO, Arkady Spivak and Artistic Director, Michael Torontow, have created a free festival called GIANTS IN THE SKY! That took place last weekend and concludes this weekend.

All the acts perform their shows on roof tops. The audience watches either from the same space or from a location a little below.

For example: Last weekend I saw:

CONFESSIONS of MOTHERHOOD, conceived, written and performed by Jennifer Stewart about her efforts to have a child as her biological clock ticked and ticked. Stewart interspersed her storytelling with songs from the musical theatre canon and the juxtaposition was brilliant. For example I can never listen to Sondheim’s “Being Alive” in the same way after hearing Jennifer Stewart sing it in this context.

The writing is smart, funny and poignant. She sings like a dream.

Her last show is Sept. 17 at 1:15 pm at the Barrie Public Library, Downtown Branch.

BROADWAY BROADS, written and performed by Gabi Epstein, she belted the songs of Broadway divas, including Barbra Streisand of course and she was DIVA-ine…..

She sang from a rooftop of a building across from where the audience sat on a restaurant patio. Wonderful.

CORNER OF THE SKY, conceived by Justin Stadnyk. He sang from a fire escape at the side of a building. The songs were familiar and obscure from the Musical Theatre Repertoire, and they told a story of searching for meaning in life through song. Such a find singer.

This weekend (Sept. 17-18) has a new roster of artists performing from rooftops. It’s free. It’s brilliant. Don’t miss it.


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