What I’m Looking Forward to in January

by Lynn on January 2, 2023

in The Passionate Playgoer

Happy New Year.

I’m looking forward to seeing as many productions as I did in 2022 (196) if not more. I’m looking forward to continuing seeing theatre far and wide across the city, province, country and various cities internationally, in large theatres and small, no matter the size of the hole in the wall theatre, to discover new work, talent etc. and rediscover familiar work in an unfamiliar way.

What I’m looking forward to seeing in January, 2023:

Jan 2-7 The Little Pinko Hen – at the Red Sandcastle Theatre, Queen St. E.

Jan. 6- 14 Greenhouse Festival of New Work – at Tarragon Theatre

Jan. 10-Feb. 5 Fifteen Dogs Opening Jan 13 at Crow’s Theatre

Jan. 13-29, Jan. 14 (opening) Martyr opening Jan. 14 at Aki Studio produced by ARC

Jan. 17-29 – Controlled Damage opening Jan. 20 at the Grand Theatre, in London, Ont.

Jan. 20-Feb. 4, Fall on Your Knees– Part 1 Canadian Stage

Jan. 22-Feb. 5, Fall on Your Knees—Part 2 Canadian Stage

Jan. 25-Feb. 11 The Extinction Therapist– Theatre Aquarius, Hamilton, Ont.

Jan. 28-Feb12, Between a Wok and a Hot Pot, produced by Cahoots, at the Theatre Centre.

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