by Lynn on May 28, 2023

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Live and in person at the Tarragon Extra Space, Toronto, Ont. Co-produced by Les Chemins Errants & Théâtre Motus (Quebec). Plays Sat. May 27 at 11:00 am and Sunday, May 28 at 11:00 am

Co-creation and direction by Édith Beauséjour, Emmanuelle Calvé & Karine Gaulin

Set and costumes by Josée Bergeron-Proulx (assisted by Ève-Lyne Dallaire

Sound by Édith Beauséjour

Lighting and technique by Patrice Daigneault

Performers: Édith Beauséjour

Karine Gaulin

Music, Visual arts, Theatre2.5 – 6 years

Set in an island world of sea breeze, rolling waves, and rollicking sea shanties, two characters meet and play together through music, song, and joyful painting! This is a beautiful production that will embrace young children with music, rich design, and gentle, mischievous play through art.

The floor of the stage is full of mounds and ‘fluffs’ of various blue and green tissue paper. A character throws a line in from a fishing rod and a hand appears from the ‘waves’ of paper and holds up what looks like a bottle (or plastic to this adult). The character takes it. Then the hand holds up another bottle and the person takes it.

The person actually ‘catches’ the creature holding the bottles, and is dragged on shore.  

Both characters unscrew the bottles and pour paint from them into a sea shell and begin to paint, with their hands, feet, a brush and a roller. The ‘painting’ is framed with a frame from the sea. The two characters fling paint on a sheet – every kid’s dream.

Through songs (in French) this lilting show talks about water, the ocean, salvaging and of course painting.

To this adult, it seemed to be commenting on pollution—those bottles and ‘stuff’ that just plopped up. But perhaps I’m reading too much into it. The young children seemed captivated. Even the six-week-old baby in the mother’s arms in the front row seemed captivated.  Now that is impressive.

Co-produced by Les Chemins Errants & Théâtre Motus (Quebec)

Runs until: Sunday, May 28, at 11:00 am

Running time: 45 minutes.

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