Help Justin Hiscox

by Lynn on August 16, 2023

in The Passionate Playgoer

I rarely do this….ask people to contribute to a “Go Fund Me” fund, but this young man needs help. He’s a musical wonder for 4th Line Theatre Company.

He had an infection on his leg that spread to his foot. They had to amputate his toes on his right foot. He’s not out of the woods. Please read and contribute. Thanks.

Autumn Smith

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This has been a hard time for our family-both personally and professionally.

The phenomenal Justin Hiscox-who is the most remarkable collaborator, friend and brother-in-law has had a medical set back and needs assistance.

We are trying to raise funds so he can take the time needed to recuperate.

Anything you can do is appreciated.

Justin is one in a million.

He is light. He is joy. He is music.

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Kim Blackwell

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Friends – My dear friend and longtime collaborator Justin Hiscox has had a major medical situation occur. If you can help us raise monies to support him in his recovery – that would be amazing. And if you can share this, I would be so grateful. Autumn Smith Sarah Hiscox

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