Heads up for the week of Oct. 9-15.

by Lynn on October 9, 2023

in The Passionate Playgoer

Heads up for the week of Oct. 9-15, 2023.


Oct. 12, 13, 14.

At Sweet Action Theatre, 180 Shaw St. Toronto, Ont.

Written and performed by Sam Chaulk

Buffon clown show about our addiction to the internet, social media etc.


Jonas and Barry in the Home

Plays until Oct. 14

Theatre Aquarius, Hamilton, Ont.

Written by Norm Foster

Directed by Mary Francis Moore

Two men of a certain age, meet in a seniors home and become friends.

Sweet and funny.



Plays until Oct. 22

Thousand Islands Playhouse, Gananoque, Ont.

Book by Enda Walsh; Music and Lyrics by Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová.

Directed and choreographed by Julie Tomaino

Guy and Girl meet when he is busking on the street. She needs her vacuum cleaner fixed. It doesn’t suck. He fixes it. They fall in love. It’s not that simple. Wonderful production.


Heroes of the Fourth Turning

Plays until Oct. 29

Streetcar Crowsnest, Studio

Written by Will Arbery

Directed by Philip Akin

A group of right-wing Christian Americans, talk about issues, politics, religion, one upping each other. They vary from confused to self-righteous and frightening. A bristling, unsettling play. Should be seen.



Oct. 5-Oct. 29.  OPENS OCT. 12

Soulpepper, Young Centre for the Performing Arts.

Written and directed by Kat Sandler

Wild Women through history.


(Everyone I Love Has) A Terrible Fate (Befall Them)

Oct. 10- Nov. 4. OPENS Oct. 12.

VideoCabaret’s Deanne Taylor Theatre, 10 Busy St.

Written and performed by Cliff Cardinal

Directed by Karin Randoja

About life, death and what’s in between.

It’s by Cliff Cardinal. You show up.


Goblin: Macbeth

Oct. 12- Oct. 28

At the Studio Theatre, Stratford Festival, Stratford, Ont.

Written by Rebecca Northan and Bruce Horak

Directed by Rebecca Northan

Three goblins stumble onto the works of William Shakespeare and mayhem and brilliance ensues.


Bittergirl (The Musical)

Playing until Dec. 24

St. Jacobs Schoolhouse Theatre, St. Jacobs, Ont.

By Annabel Fitzsimmons, Alison Lawrence, Mary Francis Moore

Directed  by Mary Francis Moore

Three women lament and sing about the men who dumped them and left them bitter, the trials and tribulations and recovery.

Everybody will relate.


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