Cliff Cardinal wins the Governor General’s Award

by Lynn on November 8, 2023

in The Passionate Playgoer

Huge congratulations to Cliff Cardinal for winning the 2023 Governor General’s Literary Award for Drama for his play “William Shakespeare’s As You Like It, a Radical Retelling by Cliff Cardinal. “

When it first played at Crow’s Theatre in Toronto, I hated it. Reaction was loud and swift.   Ooohh were the comments “interesting.” People went to see the show. I love that!! Imagine a theatre critic who actually wants people to go to the theatre, even when one doesn’t like a play.

It then played The Great Canadian Theatre Company in Ottawa. I sensed from the title it was slightly different. I saw it again, to see what I missed. Cliff Cardinal re-wrote the play. Changed it from top to bottom. He still kept his anger but it was different.

I loved this version and reviewed it.

He then brought it to Toronto under the Mirvish banner with an even bigger change, but still the same cheek and ire.

Loved it again and reviewed it again.

He changed his play and I changed my mind. That’s what happens when one is open to different ideas and thoughts.

Here are the three iterations of the review:

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