Review: Paper Playground

by Lynn on May 22, 2024

in The Passionate Playgoer

The Wee Festival continues at various venues across the city until June 9. It’s for children 5 months old to 5 years old. (ages are listed on each event)

Check out the rest of the festival for age appropriate shows.

Paper Playground.

This played from May 21-22.

Produced by Foolish Operations—a wonderful company from British Columbia who have performed at the Wee Festival before.

Set on a large paper carpet, young children are encouraged to explore the theme of water with the moving performers. Dance, drawings, live music and projections are used to create a magical world where boats, fishes, crabs and sharks merrily come alive.

The babies at my performance were mesmerized, crawling all over the paper as the dancers danced around them, respecting the babies’ space. Without touching the babies who are particularly curious about what is in that bag of paper over there, the dancers, guide the babies with gesture and suggestion, and the babies respond. Always an education to see who is teaching whom: the babies teaching the adults, or the other way around.  

Artistic director and choreographer–Julie Lebel
Dance and Theatre collaborator–Caroline Liffmann
Composer–Meredith Bates
Animator–Jacquie Rolston
Dramaturgy support–Sarah Dixon
Props design–Amanda Lye
Scenography–Julie Lebel
Dancers —Julie Lebel, Sarah Gallos, Silene Razo and Isabelle Kirouac
Musician–Kathleen Nisbet

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